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A World on a String

"A World on a String" showcases pluck string instruments and styles from various world music traditions, including the North Indian Sitar, the North American Banjo, and tarling (gamelan-guitar with suling). This juxtaposition highlights the uniqueness and the similarities between the cultures showcased and offers a rare, educational opportunity to hear a colorful tapestry woven with string from around the world.

Toy Shop Ghost plays an assortment of traditional banjo tunes, some Bach, and some original compositions. Enjoy the surprise encounter of banjo and Indian tabla at the end! 

Benjamin Selhamer, Asanti Haynes, and Daniel Ohara play Tarling (guitar+suling) from Indonesia Gamelan music, especially Cirebon. 

Lagu Jipang Walik (an opening for Cirebonese classical gamelan performances), Lagu Bendrong, Lagu Cirebonan and Lagu Rumyang. 

Daniel Ohara and Shashank Aswathanarayana play Rag Yaman. 

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