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Montecito Journal by Joanne Calitri

UCSB Library's celebratory opening 

DAILY NEXUS, January 21, 2016, by Kiana Triana

“Lament” is a 10-by-32 foot art installation located on the first floor of the new addition to the UCSB Library. The art piece was formally presented at the library grand opening ceremony and was complemented by a song composed by Heena Yoon, a UCSB graduate student, and a dance choreographed by Christina McCarthy, UCSB’s professor of modern dance. ........ “I wanted the piece to be an homage to great books and music pieces past and present,” Yoon said. “To be presented by dancers and live musicians right here and now, and to be remembered by the audience throughout their future, not as ‘Heena Yoon’s music’ but as ‘Oh I saw a fun music-dance-theater piece, and it reminded me of the storybooks I loved.’”

The Bottom Line, April 23, 2014 By Bailee Abell

Creative Culture Block Party: UCSB’s Alternative Art Scene

While admiring the works of art displayed along the border of the room, attendees watch a projected video entitled “Ho’oponopo,” which featured piano music composed by Heena Yoon, a first year Ph.D. student in the music department. 

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